Every McLaren car is designed for simple maintenance and easy repairs.

With trained service technicians, we strive for maximum customer satisfaction. It doesn't matter if you own a McLaren 12C or a McLaren 650S, our goal remains the same. Your car should live with you as well as it is exciting to drive. That's why every McLaren car is designed to be easy to maintain and repair, and every visit to our workshop is quick. The entire maintenance program is simplified by the fact that all major parts are accessible from the engine base. This reduces service costs and we can return your car to comfortable and safe driving as soon as possible. In addition, their attractive design and first-class aerodynamics are used in practice. At the McLaren Prague service, your McLaren will receive the same care and level of attention that Formula 1 cars receive in the pits: fast, trained service technicians are always ready with the right spare parts.